Social Investment

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Giving to Educate is a project born in 2007 with the aim of involving society in general in a vision of the country: to combat the high rates of poverty by supporting pre-basic education for children between the ages of 3 and 6.

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For 18 consecutive years, the Ficohsa Foundation, in partnership with the World Food Program, delivered school meals in the 140 Pre-School Centers supported at national level.
Food rations are made up of beans, maize flour, rice and oil, inputs that contain the kilocalories and essential nutrients to ensure good nutrition for children of pre-basic age.

Since its beginnings in 2000 to date, Fundación Ficohsa has added more than 42.2 million lempiras to its investment in school meals, which is equivalent to 15.8 million food rations delivered to children of pre-school age.

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For 4 years, this credit program has benefited 72 students, who have completed their graduate studies in 13 countries around the world.

In 2017, 23 Hondurans benefited from Hondufuturo. They specialized in different areas, such as agricultural, administrative and financial sciences. About US$ 2,019,959 have been invested since 2014 in young people with academic excellence

From 2014 to 2017, 72 scholarships have been awarded,
equivalent to US$ 2,019,959.

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The Growing Up with Diabetes Foundation aims to improve the quality of life of children suffering from type 1 diabetes in the country, providing them with the inputs they need to have this condition under control, as well as guiding patients through educational and psychological talks so that they can receive appropriate treatment.
To date, the Foundation has benefited more than 40 children and 200 other people directly with its care, providing them with the inputs they need to control their condition.

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With this initiative we strengthen the bond with the Honduran community, impacting more than 10 communities and more than 500 children from different schools and neighborhoods, who attend weekly Physical Education and Recreation classes in the different recreational parks nationwide.
Also in 2017, and with the support of our volunteers/collaborators, we inaugurated a recreational park and benefited 1,800 children through the financial education program, with the activity “Cajitas de Ahorro” (Savings boxes) in 7 parks.
Grupo Financiero Ficohsa is a founding member of the CONVIVE MEJOR Foundation, an initiative led by the Government of Honduras to set up recreational parks for children, young people and adults in different communities nationwide.

Investment in Donations from 2015 to 2017 L 2,546,089.04

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Together with Hondurans, we support this initiative of love