Financial Education Program


The Regional Financial Education Program responds to the educational needs of stakeholders on issues related to improving their financial health, providing the necessary tools to help them achieve it. It also helps to follow up on the regulations issued by the regulatory bodies of each country that aim to ensure the stability and solvency of the financial system, regulation, supervision and control of financial institutions.

In 2017, Ficohsa participated for the second consecutive year in the Global Money Week event organized by Child and Youth Finance International (CYFI), a global non-profit organization that works with partners in more than 137 countries, working to reshape financial systems to empower children and youth around the world in an economically and socially way.

In addition, we were part in the Children’s Congress, which aimed to raise awareness of money management techniques and savings through practical examples, with the aim of supporting the economic improvement of the youth population in the framework of the XXI Children’s Congress 2017 through training for teachers and young people in basic education on personal finance.


The blog section about stages of life was launch within the website Tus Finanzas, Tu Futuro. The main purpose of this blog is to share articles and messages that serve to guide people in the control and management of personal finances, fed by experts in the field and updated frequently, being Ficohsa´s commitment for the coming years, to create awareness of the importance of Financial Education, especially on the Credit Score History.

The website reached 65,948 visits on 2017, with over 8,500 downloads of the financial tools available. The financial tool that stood out most was the family budget, since its objective is to make people analyze their real expenses versus their economic capacity, which serves to make assertive decisions in the future.