Pensions and Severance Payments

Ficohsa Pensiones y Cesantías currently has operations in Honduras, the company’s value proposition includes:

    • Education: At Ficohsa Pensiones y Cesantías our Value Proposition begins with education. One of the main benefits we offer to companies and their employees are Pension Education Talks, which are focused on educating employees about the benefits and advantages of having a pension fund for retirement.
    • Service: A vital part of our Value Proposition is constantly working to provide the highest quality service to our members. For this we have the #1 worldwide CRM platform, which allows us to provide the best response times in all requests and management of our affiliates.
    • Website: Our website allows you to make pension calculations in an easy and interactive way. Likewise, our affiliates can access and view their Account status, contribution history and investment portfolio through our transactional site and mobile APP.
    • Our Customer Service Channels
      • All the branches of Banco Ficohsa.
      • Branches in Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula.
      • Helpline: 2275-2424
      • From your cell phone by dialing *2424
      • E-mail:
      • Our website

In Ficohsa Pensions and Cesantías we offer two types of products:

  1. Pensions: A savings fund managed through an individual account in the name of each affiliate and it grows with the contributions made plus the return generated by the investments that Ficohsa Pensiones y Cesantías makes.
  2. Severance: It is a financial reserve made by the employer to pay the employee hired for an indefinite period, the seniority premium and the indemnity when the employment relationship ends.
Benefits of a Pension Fund:
  • High performance: Your savings grow faster because your fund receives the highest interest rates, no matter how much you save.
  • Benefits Club: with your membership card you receive discounts and promotions in exclusive shops nationwide.
  • Tax Benefit: The contributions you make to your pension fund are deductible for income tax purposes. (Article 10 of the Income Tax Law)
  • Access to Loans. We guarantee you preferential conditions in the granting of loans.
  • Transparency: You can review, consult or request your account statement as many times as you want through the different channels created for you
  • Life Insurance (optional). We offer you competitive plans and exclusive coverages.
Ficohsa Pensions offers pension plans for individual clients and business.
  • Individual Fund: It is a long-term pension fund managed through an individual account to your name with the guarantee, security and transparency guaranteed by Ficohsa Pensions and savings.
  • Business Fund: It is a long-term pension fund, which is formed with the monthly contributions of the employee and the company (optional). The contributions and the profitability generated are constituted in an individual account in the name of each employee, same that is growing product of the performance of the investments you make with responsibility, security and Transparency Ficohsa Pensions and Severance Payments.

Ficohsa Pensiones y Cesantías is a member of the International Federation of Pension Fund Administrators (FIAP). This allows us to be always updated on issues related to Pension Systems and to know the best practices of Latin America and the world.