Employee Health and Safety

102-12, 403-1, 403-2

In compliance with the law, the Health and Safety Committee was formed at the national level in Honduras; it oversees the investigation of accidents and proposes measures to prevent and monitor the appliance of them.


The implementation of a corporate integral program, which offers its employees related practices to achieve personal balance and professional performance, is part of the characteristics of this program.
The institution is committed to offering recreational spaces that guide the employees to maintain a healthy life, generate a culture that allows the adoption of healthy habits and that these facilitate motivation in the members of the Ficohsa Family.


In order to respond to the needs of stakeholders, methodologies are in place to respond to interruptions in each business line and ensure the recovery of operating processes.
The commitment, knowledge and responsibility of each one of the members to assit any need that may arise in the buildings of the countries where Ficohsa has a presence is remarkable. For this reason, we offer constant training and review of the processes in order to have the tools for the rehabilitation of the processes and the functioning of the institution.

The institution’s employees have specialized clinics for their medical assistance in some of Ficohsa buildings, emergency ambulances, discounts on health services and they can participate in the health fairs that are held every year; these benefits characterize Ficohsa as one of the best companies to work for in Honduras.

Training and constant review of process are some of the values with which we strengthen our relationship with our employees