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Ficohsa has strengthened its commitment for the environment protection by aligning its strategies with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The “Our Planet” section, has identified two priority SDG “Production and Responsible Consumption” and “Climate Action”.

Each one of the program’s actions is aligned to contribute to the specific goals of the above-mentioned SDG in order to achieve a sustainable impact.

According to Ficohsa’s “Cleaner Production Manual”, which was prepared in conjunction with the National Cleaner Production Centre (CNPL) of Honduras, the group’s strategy is to make efficient use of water, energy and paper resources where the operation so permits.

In 2017, Ficohsa carried out actions and activities to achieve a reduction in energy, water and paper consumption.

  • Beach cleaning in coastal areas
  • Planting trees in vulnerable areas.
  • Water, paper and energy reduction campaigns.
  • ATM coating promoting the care of our planet.