Energy Efficiency

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Ficohsa installed solar panels in 5 branches which use clean energy for their daily operations.

Ficohsa encourages its employees to use energy efficiently, and every year campaigns are socialized with the aim of achieving a reduction in consumption. In 2017 there was an increase of 8% taking into account that in Panama the measurement of energy consumption is carried out at all its operations, (in 2016 the entire operation was not contemplated).

During 2017, a social audit was conducted by visiting each employee’s desk, validating whether, at the end of the working day, computers, monitors, printers or any other electronic devices were on or in hibernation, this practice encourages all employees to make good use of electric power.







The energy supply for the Ficohsa Group companies in Honduras comes from the National Interconnected System managed by the National Electric Energy Company (ENEE).

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Ficohsa promotes the use of renewable energy in its operations, with more than five branches using solar panels for their operations. The city of San Pedro Sula has three agencies using the solar panel system, one in Tegucigalpa and one in La Ceiba.

The use of solar panels contributes to reducing Ficohsa’s ecological footprint.

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Ficohsa has been known for being the reference bank for financing renewable energy projects, as part of its commitment to environmental care and sustainability. Within the range of projects funded are: Hydroelectric, Photovoltaic, Wind and Solar Power.

The financing of renewable energy projects demonstrates the institution’s commitment to the efficient use of natural resources for the generation of clean energy in the countries where the institution operates and also encourages the intensive use of local labor to generate a sustainable economy. To date, more than $200 million has been delivered cumulatively.